An Innovative and Easy to Use Software Application that Measures, Drives and Rewards Sustainable Travel to Work Options

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Richard Cutler No Comments





We like innovations in the real estate and environment sectors.  This is why we have just signed a distribution agreement with Stravel – Sustainable travel – a London based business that has evolved out of the Please Cycle campaign and which works with organisations to help them understand, encourage and reward employee-active and sustainable travel.  And, critically for this blog, Stravel also offers an innovative way in which town planners can encourage developers to pursue modal shift obligations via Section 106 Agreements or achieve higher ratings for sustainability via BREEAM or the Code for Sustainable Homes.



The Stravel Hub is an online portal for staff to log-journeys, learn about active travel, plan safe routes to the office, check weather updates, organize events and compete in a company-leaderboard for prizes.  By logging mileage via the site or through the free apps for mobile phones, not only can staff see total distance and compete with colleagues for workplace Stravel supremacy, but they also accrue Stravel Points – akin to Nectar Points or Air Miles for sustainable travellers.  These points can then be traded for rewards.  The system also reports on the carbon saved through active travel over each subscriber’s baseline travel, and this can be collated by local authority area, business park or company and used in sustainability or corporate responsibility reports; for example, to make sustainability reporting easier in company accounts and investor presentations.



Essentially staff and team members are incentivized, through payment in Stravel points, to get fit and travel sustainably, whilst the organization has an auditable report showing the positive environmental impact of the change in behaviour.  Hopefully, health and motivation benefits will also accrue.


As a powerful example of how a local authority planner or highway engineer could consider using Stravel as an innovative way to guide and encourage sustainable travel measures via a Section 106 Agreement, take Quorum Business Park, in the North East (of England).  Companies as varied as IBM, Tesco Finance and HMRC were able to use the system as part of Quorum’s Active Travel Plan.  In November/December 2011, cyclists at Quorum used the PleaseCycle Cycle Hub® (now the multi-modal Stravel Hub), clocking up 5,900 miles (ten lengths of the UK), over 1,235 journeys and saving 1.7 tonnes of CO2 as a result (14 London-Paris flights).  Over 60% of cyclists claimed that the system encouraged them to cycle far more frequently than previously, citing the leaderboards and rewards as the reasons.  As a result, Quorum won the 2011 “Commuter Friendly Workplace of the Year” award.


If you’d like more information on how to purchase the Stravel application, or other ways in which Bloombridge can bring innovation to your business, please contact Richard Cutler or Bruce Usher via or our partner, Ronan Carter, at  We would be delighted to meet you and present the Stravel portal.