Question: Why a blog?

Posted on: October 18th, 2012 by Richard Cutler No Comments


We are committing to a monthly blog because we wanted to add some flexibility to our website and make it, to use the jargon, ‘dynamic’.  We also wanted to give the site some feeling – inspiration, passion, trust, pride, charity… and possibly something surprising and unconventional – in order to convey what Bloombridge and our partners are all about. Ultimately people are motivated by emotions; and clearly we want people to be moved to work with us and be our partners.  That will go a long way towards making our business a success.


Is that All?

We are committed to making our business a success. It has been a very tough three years. I don’t know how Bruce has managed to cope with a partner who spent 7 weeks in hospital last year and 6 months in a wheelchair. You’re meant to be close to your business partner, but being pushed around by him is taking that concept to the extreme. Thanks, mate – enjoy the golf (again)!


In fact, as you would expect, the joys of post-viral acute transverse myelitis, have changed my life. You don’t actually feel any different being a paraplegic, but you do feel a lot more. You feel more because you can’t do so much any more; and that feeling has stayed with me, even though I am now back on my feet again.  I know, truly, what it is like to lose a very great deal, to see where I want to be, and be desperate for some insight, leadership and inspiration. I remain on that quest for inspiration. People say they admire my positivity and resilience, but this is fueled by inspiration; provided largely by people, but also by places, and sometimes by something random or innate. It’s kind of what Bloombridge is all about. We want to work with inspirational people. We want to create inspirational places. There is a cohesive theme here.


That is why we are setting up the Bloombridge Foundation – raising money through sponsorship to inspire success. Our focus will be on young people, where the change in trajectory, caused by the help our charity is able to offer, can lead to such a dramatic change in experience or circumstances for a life just started. So, among other topical subjects, expect to see updates on the Bloombridge Foundation featured in this blog.  We hope you will feel inspired.


Richard Cutler