What we do

We partner with funders or property owners from project inception to shape the strategy and business case, set the project plan, and advise on, appoint and manage the professional team.

Our development partnering model has four elements:


Our core operating principle is: think, create, do. We therefore start each project with thought and creativity.

We apply research, market knowledge and our own professional judgement to set a strategy that is appropriate to the constraints and opportunities, thereby fitting the objectives and risk profile of our partners. We also constantly look to the long-term with an eye to achieving sustainable development and sustainable outperformance.


Obtaining planning permission for development usually achieves the single greatest value-generating event for any property asset. Our planning expertise is therefore at the forefront of what we do and we have an impressive and enviable track record of successful projects. We combine our skills in understanding politics and the ever-changing planning policy framework with our knowledge of occupiers, markets, and the need to deliver sustainable outcomes to ensure we maximise the benefits and returns to all stakeholders. We value good design, we enjoy place-making, we listen to local concerns, and we are sensitive to the impacts new development has on existing communities.


Through direct development with our own funds, or by co-investing with partners, we target market leading financial returns either by originating and delivering projects in new or high growth sectors of the property market (e.g. renewables and health), or by sourcing high growth investment opportunities in business sectors where real estate is a significant part of the value equation.

We also provide development management services, specialising in taking the lead role on very large or complex projects. We believe our approach is enhanced by the fact that we have significant client-side experience, with strong leadership and a ‘right first time’ mentality to ensure exceptional levels of value and service across the professional team.


Where property assets are income producing or simply pending development, we put in place a management regime and processes that maximise value in a secure way, compliant with all necessary regulatory requirements.

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